About ACL

Arizona Celebration of Lights, also known as ACL, is a Music and Arts Festival that occurs every December. Originating in Flagstaff in 1996, the festival has since expanded to include over two dozen participating towns and cities.

The festival coincides with the winter celebration of lights and the tradition of many Arizonans to decorate their homes with Christmas and other holiday lights.

Though it originates from a sacred tradition, the festival itself is not religious in nature, and residents and visitors of all faiths and belief systems are encouraged to participate.

Festival events vary by town or city, but all include a concert series and art walk.

New Online Initiative

Beginning in 2016, we are also looking to expand the festival to include a stronger online presence.

Historically a grass-roots festival managed by local governments and non-profits, our aim this year is to provide further information and inspiration for individuals affected by the festival.

This includes access to online resources for music and arts education, as well as other topics and blog posts on relevant themes.

We look forward to working on the site and sending you more updates soon!